Hannah Gadsby

Comedian / Writer / Art Lady

Hello There!

My name is Hannah Gadsby and I am a stand up comedian. Generally, I like to take a story of woe from my actual factual life and make it hilarious.

You’re welcome.

I have been telling the jokes for about a decade and I’ve done it all over the world. I also act (PLEASE LIKE ME) and write (WORDS). I have made a few art documentaries (HANNAH GADSBY’S OZ) and I was the Tasmanian junior girls golf champion for five years in a row (1991-95). Yes. I agree. I am very impressive on paper. But don’t worry, I can promise you that I will definitely disappoint in person.


(If you would like a beefy bio with all the accolades and shiny brags please head on over to my management PAGE)

Hannah Gadsby
Art Lady

Hannah Gadsby


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